Mangadoo by David J Morgan

Mangadoo by David J Morgan

Firmly placed in the historical adventure genre, Mangadoo follows the story of George Nolan. Transported as a convict to Western Australia at a young age, George serves out his sentence by working on a property near Pinjarra.


He is determined to find the truth behind his unjust conviction and, upon gaining his freedom, sets off on an adventure that takes him to the Roebourne area. Many events unfold. These involve, among other things, horse theft and a plot to overthrow the colonial establishment in order to create a Fenian stronghold in the north-west of WA.


The story hurtles along, driven by plenty of action and a range of characters including adventurous young men, various military types and even a crazed, bloodthirsty American Indian.


It’s a good yarn, and has something to say about Western Australia’s early colonial days. Its strength is in the narrative, which is certainly well thought out and very lively.


Dr Chris McLeod PhD – Wordwork Manuscripts



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Now just over six months since the release in Western Australia Mangadoo has sold over 700 copies through independent outlets. David is now trying to attract the attention of a major publisher.


Launch Night

Tom Percy QC

The book launch was a great success. We had almost 200 people to the event and had some fantastic readings.


Many people have asked me if they could read the review by Tom Percy. QC. Please click read more for the complete summary. Please also view some images of the night in our photo gallery click here



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Book Title: Mangadoo

Author: David J Morgan
ISBN: 978-1-742841-77-9 (pbk)
Publisher: Romnag Publishing, PO Box 209, Quinns Rock, WA, 6030

Front Cover Design: Brown Cow, Fremantle, WA


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